The relief of tomorrow!

Junior team

Promote Junior Team, Heritage Culture and the organization of this type of festival

Junior Team is the next generation. We want them to benefit from our experience, that of the alumni involved in such an event, for the continuity of the Grand History of the Rally.


The Club Spa Historic Racing Team will be the relay point for the Junior Team. The team will help them to go hunting for vintage documents, old photos, newspaper articles, films, visit of Museum retracing the history of the automobile in Europe, all precious clues to animate culturally this Festival.

But also allow them to meet great Drivers and Mechanics of the time, who like to transmit and tell about these beautiful years that are the years 60-70 and 80. Our spirit, transmit to young people our passion, our knowledge, and the will to undertake multi-generational steps, aiming to preserve our rich automotive history Liège.

They will be the actors of tomorrow, and from now on this Junior group will be on the field with us.

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